Start a Chapter

What is a local chapter?

As a grassroots organization, Christians for Socialism is manifested and informed by its local chapters. Though CfS is guided by the attempt to contribute, as Christians, to building socialism, this commitment can take a variety of forms. Local chapters determine for themselves what issues are uniquely significant in their communities and attempt to build coalitions with Christians and socialists to respond. Historically, CfS chapters have organized educational workshops, provided strike support, lobbied against oppressive legislation, pressured local governments, hosted radical reading groups and Bible studies, advocated for affordable housing, and invited socialists and communists into Christian communities. Creativity and encouragement are key. The shape of a local chapter may change as issues become more or less pressing, but chapters are unified through a network of solidarity and the common goal of building a just society for the many.

What is a local chapter’s responsibility to Christians for Socialism?

To inspire other chapters and encourage regular activity, chapters report their projects and progress monthly to the Christians for Socialism Working Group, which will collect reports and distribute them.

What is Christians for Socialism’s responsibility to local chapters?

The Christians for Socialism Working Group will communicate with local chapters to assess educational needs, offer solidarity support, and keep chapters informed about what their comrades are doing elsewhere.

To start a chapter, please fill out our interest form. After processing your submission, we’ll contact you with an informational packet and some additional information to get you started